Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Report's Release

I wonder, in passing, what possible legitimate justification exists that would allow the party targeted by the Gomery Inquiry to have the exclusive first crack at reading it. Do we really need to provide TIME for fickle government spinmeisters to churn out the talking points before we even have access to the facts for ourselves. Certainly one of the true shames in all of this.

Scott Reid got the report last night. I am still waiting to read it. Although why bother now? Martin had nothing to do with the scandal anyway, right? So vote Liberal. They are best positioned to make sure Liberal corruption never occurs again. Until it does, of course. But by then, there will be someone else in charge, who had nothing to do with it. Even if he was finance minister. Oh, accountability, you dark lady of the night. Wherefore did thou run to?


Blogger Jason Cherniak said...

Well, the government ordered the report and the report was to the government. I suppose you can say that Martin should have released it as soon as he received it, but why give up an advantage? This isn't really an issue that should bother Canadians since all parties will have a full day to spin the media before tomorrow's headlines.

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