Friday, October 21, 2005

Shame on Me

Oh my. I almost forgot.

Nicely done, Liam. Next year, fly over for the Scotch tasting ceilidh. Un-expletive-believable. And you're a man who would appreciate it.

Lest you do not click the link, tonight is the 200th of the great naval victory of Horatio. Since I am on my way out, and gin's getting cold, let's sum it up succinctly. Pusser's is the Navy Rum, right? It's nickname? "Nelson's Blood." Truly an icon of Western history.

I look forward to my next (and many) stroll(s) through my favorite London square, where I once saw Mandela. I will forever remember that moment. But I will also never forget the National Gallery's open space's proper name. Nor the man at the top. Trafalgar Square. Years ago I sat and wrote and stared down Whitehall toward Big Ben amidst his lions. For this coarse traveller, he has always been a solid representative of ancient, epic, and magnificent London town. Long may he stare down Parliamentarians.


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