Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Celebration of Single Malt

Finer words rarely spoken.
"I am pleased to welcome you to the NSLC's 2nd Annual Scotch Ceilidh, "A Celebration of Single Malt Scotch." Be prepared to experience a wide variety of exciting products from five regions of Scotland, as well as some of the world's finest blended Scotch Whisky.

Tonight we are pleased to feature Highland Park 18 Year Old, recently named "Best Spirit in the World" in the 2005 Spirit Journal 100 Listing of the World's Best 100 Distilled Spirit, by American whisky expert Paul Pacult...

During the Scotch Ceilidh, you will have the opportunity to sample more than 80 products... Enjoy yourself as we celebrate the world of Scotch!

Carrie Cussons
Acting President, NSLC"
If this Christmas only comes around once a year, of course we must take advantage. $50 for the 3 hours of sampling over 80 world-class Scotchs is a ridiculous steal for the Whisky lover. The program linked above has a listing of the many, many spirits on offer. A ridiculous feast. Report to follow. Bring out the 21YO Fine Oak Macallan and Talisker, Distillers Edition. Yes I said yes I will Yes.


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Blogger Shari said...

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