Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who's Next?

In an obvious move predicted Friday by Krauthammer, Miers is done. Probably for the best, considering she was a wholly unqualified nominee who was only considered because one of her former clients was President.

Understand this, though. When the left blames the wingnuts for her forced withdrawal, that's politics. I cannot imagine Democrats actually voting to confirm Miers. The play now is the spin toward the next (certainly much more controversial) pick. The withdrawal hurts Bush because it reveals weakness and also doesn't force Democrats to go to the wall twice in a row. The filibuster remains on the table.

I have laughed a bit about my agreement with David Frum on this nomination since before it emerged. Sad that on the day of a resounding victory for him, he is already running back into the President's lap. Read this, the entirety of the victory post:
The system worked. And as we all hoped, once again the president got the big decision right. Thank you to all the many NRO readers who have joined this fight - and a special thanks to all who have written so kindly to me today. More later ....

"The President got the big decision right." Anyone who wants to accuse the left of spinning, look no further. Just read the articles and tell me how in the hell there is any justification for saying that Bush got this decision right. Ridiculous. The depths of dumbness. But congratulations nevertheless. Bring out the next nominee. It won't be someone from Texas.


Blogger The Tiger said...

Frum's got fences to mend, that's all...

What's your take on Alito?

9:39 AM  
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