Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kinsella, upset, predicts Separation

What else can you conclude from his latest (scroll down to November One):
7. As a result of all this, Paul Martin dropped the party by nearly 20 points, and pooched federalism in Quebec for some years to come. It has yet to recover. If there is a referendum in the next short while – and there will be – Canada will lose it. You're welcome. See you in the 'Peg.

Not because of the sponsorship misfeasance, mind you. Because of Gomery and the Inquiry. Wow. There will be a referendum soon, and Canada will lose it, says Kinsella. That's bitterness for you. Let me go out on a limb and say, er, no.

One thing continues to be clear. One of the great moves of Chretien's career was bringing Dion on board. One of the profound miscalculations of Martin's has been his demotion to the Environment portfolio. It is eminently sad that when the response to the Gomery report is made official, Stronach and Brison will be heading it up. Put the Professor in charge of this file. At least he can speak the damn language.


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