Sunday, October 16, 2005

Name Your Bar

While the debate on the most beautiful song rages on below, here's another great question to discuss over pints or to pass the time on long road trips: If you owned a bar, what would you name it?

Some existing favorites include Ottawa's Honest Lawyer, Oxford's Turf Tavern, and the superbly titled Harvard haunt known as the Thirsty Scholar. But stretch those imaginations. I loved the suggestion we came up with once for a bar known simply as "The House", the kicker being that the pub would be an exact and pain-staking replica of the floor of Parliament, with bars behind the curtains.

But, far and away, my choice is for "Paradise Lost", with Milton and Shakespeare lines hanging about in abundance. One fine morning...


Blogger James Bowie said...

"Thirsty Scholar" just opened up in downtown Ottawa.

The bar name I like at Harvard is "John Harvards."

I used to work at a place called the "Sin Bin." That was cool.

Perhaps the best bar name of all time though, "Hooters."

8:57 PM  
Blogger Shari said...

If I had to name a bar it would be called, Drinking 'Til Pretty.

My favorite existing bar name is Slashed Tire.

12:52 AM  

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