Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One Month Off

I will continue to gamble on the NFL, and chase the ladies, and read trashy sci-fi. The MacDuff as is known by most will not be that far off his norm.

But, historically, it is time for a break. October 6th to November 5th. I, as I have so often slagged off friends and foes and otherwise, will jump on the (water)wagon for one month tonight after a magical b-day celebration. Extreme, perhaps, but, perhaps, necessary. I will miss my friends, but 30 days has many more properties than a nursery rhyme.

I will also cold turkey the blogging until that date. Let me blame Cooper and McNair, but really, I still feel like everything mentioned at Ahab's now is still as predictable and (possibly) repetitive. I continue to cheer against my natural voting block, laughing always at the imbecility of those PMO's in charge. I continue to wonder why Layton cannot or will not use his moment of glory to push PR. Harper - well... he had opportunities, perhaps others will rise again. I'd be surprised to see it.

There are certainly (and sadly) days that I would rather him instead of PM PM. But so it goes.

See you on 11-06, old esteemed elaborate estate. Or before. Anyone who knows me knows - temptation shall be strong. Time to roll the dice. This is the post that will keep.


Blogger daveberta said...

Have a nice break. Hope you guys come back.

1:52 PM  

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