Saturday, January 29, 2005

Our Wonderful World

A miscellany from Drudge today, as I go to collect Cooper from the Gloucester Green Bus Station here in Oxford. Likely a night to take advantage of his duty-free purchases, followed by a sobering day following the BBC's coverage in Iraq. Best and sincere wishes to those attempting to vote through such adversity. May they get a government worthy of their efforts. The story of our world is filled with such wonder.

Story #1 : Love triumphs.

Story #2 : Buffett triumphs.

Story #3 : Dean triumphs ?

Story #4 : Beer triumphs. (although for this last one, did it occur to you as well that instead of drinking beer to urinate, he could have just poured the beer out the window to melt the snow?? Call it the slovakian solution, I guess.)


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