Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Greatest Resume

Have fun seeing Roger Bannister -- as it turns out I saw him about six years ago at Yale. He's a wonderful human being.

Reminds me of a debate I got into a couple of years ago over which individual has the best resume of all time. I suppose any interpretation of that distinction is valid, but I'm thinking about somebody who has dominated a few fields of human endeavour, and probably in both the physical (military/athletic) and intellectual/academic realms. Bannister is a contender: his resume boasts one of the great athletic achievements of all time, an Oxford degree, and a career in neurosurgery that includes authorship of a textbook in the field.

This web site on all-time scholar-athletes is a good place to start.

A few contenders include George H.W. Bush (though a little weak on the athletic side, as he was only captain of the college baseball team at Yale, he fought in WWII, headed the CIA, and became US president). Dr. Benjamin Spock was an Olympic rower and the greatest pediatrician ever; Bill Bradley was a Princeton grad, Rhodes Scholar, NBA champion and hall of famer, and if he had moved from the Senate to the White House, he may have achieved the greatest all-time resume.

Perhaps I'm biased toward 20th century figures (Plato, for one, is mentioned in the above web site). Suggestions?


Blogger Lewis Mumford said...

Two words: Joe Clark

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting debate, but one initial question:
Why does the linked website list Dryden and Naismith as Americans. Were we officially taken over this week?

3:01 PM  

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