Thursday, January 27, 2005

Senators, On your Mark...

Well, in reviewing the Senators who voted against the confirmation of Condoleeza Rice, is it a surprise that Evan Bayh's name appears among the 13? Hardly. Instead, see it as a sign that the campaign for 2008 has already begun, as this MSNBC article explains.

And while one frontrunning conservative Democrat moves left, another more liberal one moves right. Does anyone who read Hillary Clinton's comments on abortion earlier this week doubt that she is moving to cover her perceived weak flank as well? Senators may not be well suited Presidential candidates, but they certainly make appealing Primary candidates due to their national exposure. Add Governor Warner to this list, and we already have a stronger Democratic field than 2004.


Blogger Lewis Mumford said...


Kos has a good post on all the Hilary bashing going on in the Dem party ranks. I agree that she is moving to the centre but she is still the only Dem in the last generation who made a serious push for universal health care. She has enough enemies at the moment. She should be allow to find her own political viewpoints distictive from her husband.

8:19 PM  
Blogger James MacDuff said...

LM: point taken, though my intention was never to "bash" Hillary in the post, just highlight the obvious political angling behind her comments. I do admit that for now I am no champion of Clinton for President in 2008 (especially given all the attempts to undermine Dean), but my mind is open. I just don't see myself going to New Hampshire to work for her in 3 years, if you know what I mean...

10:02 PM  
Blogger Tim R. A. Cooper said...

The buzz is all about Hillary, but that would be manna from heaven for Republicans. Bayh may be the frontrunner so far. In any case, as MacDuff notes, a far stronger Dem field than in 2000. (Stronger than the Republicans? I think so.)

12:24 AM  

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