Friday, January 28, 2005

Time to dust off the A-Z Guide

I don't really have a comprehensive email list for my friends/contacts, so I thought I'd use the blog to announce that I'm moving back to London this weekend. This is a spontaneous decision -- one I've made in the last week or so -- but the timing is right for many reasons (job, apartment leases, etc).

My Ahab's posting will continue unabated, however, even from overseas; the pantheon of Canadian bloggers in London is small, after all. We might even sneak a little more British political content in there. (Lord knows our Canadian content couldn't suffer further.)

Farewell, Toronto -- I hardly knew ye.


Blogger RavenT said...

Wow, Tim. What will you be doing? One more reason to visit Blimey again, I suppose. Good luck.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Lewis Mumford said...


Have fun out there. I will have to come visit you guys when I get a break from being a hack. Which is never in this line of work. We are happy these days. We are up a couple points over the Tories. After the awful year we just had that is progress. The latest news is the Ickes is backing Dean. The Dems I talk to intrepret this as the Clinton wing of the DNC bowing to reality that the Dean wing of the party is finally ascendent. Also watch for Kerry to rev it up again of MTP and Edwards is back on his populist pitch. Is it too early to but tickets on expedia for NH?

10:19 PM  
Blogger James MacDuff said...

LM - more than welcome to visit, and congrats on the recent Ontario upswing. Look forward to who the charge will be in 2007 - on the democratic side, of course (all hail McGuinty). Certainly do NOT see either of our old Kerry or Edwards (especially Kerry - how can you expect to lose against THE most vulnerable incumbent and then... but..) making the grade, and share Cooper's fear over a Repub-fest over a Hillary nod.

Let's start with Dean on the 12th - through some gains in '06, and then who knows? maybe we'll drink some pints for another anon-Governor in a pizza parlour from Concord. I had fun the first time around....

12:38 AM  

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