Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ten Thoughts on the Vote

Assuming the numbers hold around 125 CPC, 102 Lib, 51 BQ, 29 NDP...

(1) How many of these 102 Liberals will vote against Same-Sex Marriage? How many of those narrowly defeated "progressive" NDP members?

(2) I thought Martin's magic number might be 100 tonight - Now his resignation is not a foregone conclusion. He may fancy one more rematch, and what advisor on the inside would counsel him not to stick around, since they're not likely to see the inside of the PMO any time soon. I doubt he wants to go out as a loser - so he might still be here come next January. Did I just hear "There will be another chance... There will be another time."

...Or not, as we get to this point in the speech. Well, good on him. Looks like I owe Stransky a Scotch. He certainly earns some respect back for that graceful exit - although now the tributes will get a bit much. That could not have been easy.

(3) Once again the NDP seem to come up agonizingly short of forming an obvious balance of power. Heart-breaker. How bad does Chuck Strahl want to be speaker, because if Harper wanted he could always keep the man born to do the job, Peter Miliken, at the helm.

(4) Looking forward to getting to know Andre Arthur. What is it about recent minority Parliaments that are so damn dependent on the critical independent?

(5) Incumbency rules out East. We have much to do though - the CPC ran one female candidate of 32, the Liberals ran two. Alexa is the only woman elected. That needs some fixing.

(6) On that note, the Liberals don't need much help in the Maritimes. Does that hurt the chances of McKenna, Tobin, et Brison? And open the door for a leader from the West, or Quebec?

(7) So happy to see Belinda win so she can sit in those familiar opposition benches. In seriousness, a mighty congratulations to her campaign manager. Quite the performance buddy. Also great to see Ignatieff elected - politics could use more intelligent, over qualified people.

(8) Who says bloggers (and their non-endorsements) had no impact? Au revoir, Ms. Bulte.

(9) Blackburn wins Jonquiere-Alma for Canada, in what must be one of the best electoral wins in our political history. So many stories of this nature.

(10) Refreshing to see a Prime Minister from Calgary - in fact, refreshing to see a whole host of new blood. Hard to believe it was back in April that I wrote this. It holds up pretty well, come to think of it. Our trust is now with you Harper. We'll be watching closely.

Oh finally, Canadian federal politics is exciting and unpredictable again. The opportunity to move forward has been accepted by our collective wisdom. Well done, Canadian voters, you have delivered a superb result. Would have been nice for the NDP to break that 30-seat barrier. But we'll take it.

More to follow.


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