Saturday, January 21, 2006

Further Evidence We Need to Grow Up

Via Coyne, news of MacKay's supposed "sexist insult". Please.

Honestly. I admit that one of the reasons I have become increasingly pulling for a Conservative government is to shut up the fearmongers on the left who have announced that the election of Harper is a doomsday equivalent. The abortion concerns are particularly galling, for reasons noted already by Ben. Just as Martin and Chretien keep their Wappels in check, so will the sane leaders at the top of the CPC. And since too many Liberals don't believe it, I guess we will just have to kick them out of office to prove them wrong.

But back to MacKay. I lived in England last year and watched an electoral contest first hand. The level of debate, the cut and thrust, the rhetorical turns of phrase, in short - the maturity of the process. You actually believed that the people of the country were being asked to elect members among themselves to handle the levers of government. A complaint about such a quick comment would not only go unreported, no one would even think twice of it.

In Canada, by contrast, we get an obssession with the meaningless minutiae. The poll-obssessed media cannot even cover the polls with a degree of responsibility and intelligence. We need a sense of balance and reason about what is important. We are electing the folks who will run the damn government. Let's get around to talking about what matters.

On a wholly unrelated other note - I need a strategy for eating supper on Fridays.