Sunday, January 22, 2006


Two things to keep in mind tonight:

(1) The grand "sea change" in seats that the polls indicate is coming represents a marginal shift in support. In other words, CPC gains are directly attributable to a swing of 6-7% of eligible voters. If you think Harper is going to treat this as a sweeping mandate beyond the platform campaigned upon, think again. If the NDP again fail to put parliamentary and electoral reform at the center of a minority agenda, they will be wasting another grand opportunity.

(2) There will be much to criticize Harper for in the coming months from Ahab's perspective. Plenty of disgruntled Liberals will be quick to attach blame to leftist voters who abandoned that party for other options with their eyes open. That won't wash. Martin and his tired team would be subject to plenty of criticism themselves if they emerge victorious (and they still might). On balance, many have concluded a Tory minority is better for the country in the long view. But it doesn't prevent us from calling it out as we see fit.

That is all. Happy voting. Big Day tomorrow.


Blogger The Infozone said...

www.theinfozone.net is reporting on perhaps the most over the top comments made during this election.

On January 23rd, on CTV Newsnet, Talk Show host Andrew Krystal said all Conservatives would vote for Adolf Hitler if he wore "Tory blue".

Read the story, and Charles Adler and Andrew Krystal's replies on the issue.


11:17 AM  
Blogger The Tiger said...

I think that if Harper plays it smartly, we could see him around Canadian politics for a long time...

But if he doesn't, he'll be out right quick.

If he wins tonight, it's an opportunity. Nothing more and nothing less.

4:46 PM  
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