Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Instapundit's Canadian Political Naivety

So according to one of the premier American bloggers, Captain's Quarters might deserve some of the credit for bringing down our government for breaking the publication ban on Gomery!?

What hogwash. It might have sparked a few days of flurry in the blogosphere back in April, but it certainly played no bearing whatsoever on yesterday's non-confidence motion. Only someone with zero understanding of our politics over the last few months could even think of floating such a dumb proposition.

Reminiscent of the stupidest Instaposts of recent memory, where the esteemed law professor seems to forget about the possible existence of legal justification for a TEMPORARY ban on public testimony. Makes you wonder on the reliability of instacomments re: other countries...

But just goes to show that the blogosphere's not perfect, of course.


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