Monday, November 28, 2005

The Magical 93rd Coupe Grey

An insta-classic. Started out with the booing of Paul Martin and only improved from there, culminating in heroic catches, kickoff returns, bizarre penalties, and high overtime drama. We parked the car downtown around 1PM and immediately came across an over-eager scalper intent on selling 4 tickets in a row - exactly what myself, my sister, Gongshow, and his girlfriend required. $145 face value that we negotiated down to $75 each. Perfect. The seats were 4 rows back in the second level, just above the back corner of the endzone where all the late 4th quarter and overtime catches occurred.

So happy to report that Zeus, the traveler's God, continues to watch over MacDuff. In passing I will note that I have spent a total of 8 days in Vancouver - 5 in the summer of 2004 and 3 this time - and have yet to see anything but glorious sun. But the most fortuitous example? The Winnipeggers sitting beside us reveal a sign midway through the 4th quarter that is - well, see below. Honestly - how random. How many of these signs could possibly exist in the stadium, yet we happen to land tickets immediately beside it?! Ridiculous. Just take a look:

Excellent. This is an idea, particularly after this beautiful weekend, that I can get behind wholeheartedly. Bring out the Halifax Privateers. Careful viewers will note that over Gongshow's left shoulder, the Eskimos are kicking the tying extra point of the first overtime. Oh my.

Heading soon to Victoria by ferry in order to fly standby home - to Calgary to Toronto to Halifax. Across the country on this "historic" day, according to Duffy. 5:51:12 to go on the Non-Confidence Countdown. Predictions, further analysis, when I land on the other side.

And (hopefully) see you outdoors in Winnipeg for number 94.


Anonymous Mike McNair said...

MacDuff and Gartner...Tiger Tiger's heroes at work.

2:44 PM  

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