Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cross-Country Odds and Ends

Just decompressing from marathon journey across the great country. Walked passed security at Victoria International in time to see Broadbent stand and defeat the government. Landed just over 12 hours later at Halifax International just as the Governor-General was being consulted. I am (obviously) exhausted behind my desk at work and behind on my blog readings.

An assortment of random thoughts before I get back on Atlantic time:

1. Paul Martin sure looked positively giddy for a man leading a government in the process of being turfed. Elated, you could say.

2. Count me in the camp that likes the look of Ignatieff, but recoil from the latest internal machinations. Were such ruthless, anti-democratic tactics necessary? Why not accept the legitimacy of challengers? Is that really the way you want to begin a career? Shameful, sadly. A mark against.

3. The election really is on. Saw both Geoff Regan and Peter McKay in the airport lobby, as my connector from Toronto landed at the same time as their flight. Shook their hands and wished them well. Wells is right - good luck to all the candidates, and kudos in advance for their hard work.

4. Lots of grumbling regarding the election overheard on airports and airplanes across the country. Seems there is universal displeasure with all players. That got me thinking that all those assuming the House will look identical on January 24th might be proven very wrong. In the course of a long campaign, could Harper, Martin, or (to a lesser extent) Layton find that tipping point?

5. The election date itself? Outstanding. Symphony Nova Scotia is performing Rhapsody in Blue on January 20th. Plan to hit that, then head to Ottawa to join fellow political geek BNS for celebrations in the Nation's capital for a mad-cap weekend. Time to recover on the 24th, followed by a toast to Robbie Burns on the 25th and then home. Looking forward to staking out the many parties!

6. I favour 4 debates - 2 before the holiday and 2 after. Let's hear the leaders head to head.

7. Working on predictions - once I have time to consider the ridings in a bit more detail, I'll post some numbers. Hoping to make a preliminary prediction and then a revised night-before submission and see how they compare to the final results. You gotta love a horse race.

8. All in all, a great day to fly from West to East. To understand the immensity of the task facing the leaders and parties who chose to serve and aim to govern. I'll try to remember that respect as I critize over the next 50-odd days. 'Tis not an easy job, to say the least.


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