Friday, November 25, 2005

Quote of the (Fri)day

"The Art of Coarse Travel, like that of Coarse Fishing and Coarse Cricket, is one designed exclusively for the enjoyment of those who practice it and accept its first and last principle: that of travelling in the greatest possible comfort for the least possible amount of money with the sole purpose of getting from one point to another in pursuit of leisure and pleasure in foreign parts. While the methods of Coarse Travel may change with the times, its spirit does not and to-day it flourishes more strongly than at any time in the past.

In The Art of Coarse Travel, Spike Hughes discusses its practice and traditions, its technique and application. The experienced Coarse Traveller will recognise many incidents which remind him of what once happened to him, while the newcomer will gain a useful grounding in the dilemmas and adventures which await him as he progresses in the practical experience of the Art (together, of couse, with one or two handy phrases which may be needed to avoid arrest by the police abroad).

Though it is written in a characteristically light-hearted way, The Art of Coarse Travel is based on the author's own experience, thus giving what is designed as comedy that solid foundation of truth and probability without which it might degenerate into farce. If the book needs a sub-title, it might be: It Can Happen To You!"

-From the flyleaf of the Spike Hughes' masterpiece, The Art of Coarse Travel. I bought this at Blackwell's on Broad Street last July, the same day I bought my first digital camera. The camera I was destined to lose less than 24 hours later. But when asked upon immediate discovery of the loss whether I would rather have parted with the camera purchased for 99 pounds as opposed to the hearty, random used book purchased for 5 pounds, I had no hesitation in preferring the words.

Turns out there are many in the series, more information is here. " 'The Art of Coarse ...' is a book title unfamiliar to few", so says the author of the website. In time, I hope that will be so.

And tomorrow, I will be putting the art into praxis yet again. Decided yesterday to take advantage of the sister's Westjet connections to splash out to Vancouver and a rejuvenating glimpse at the Pacific. Might even catch the Giants game in Seattle on Sunday. Or scrounge up some tickets to the Coupe Grey? Oh, to have options. Report following the weekend and the fall of the government.


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