Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Sporting News

(1) By now, you've heard that Roger Federer has won Wimbledon for the third time in a row. What you may not have seen is this masterclass bit of prose by Simon Barnes for the Times on the victory, that compares the world #1 to Hamlet and Van Gogh. I am truly going to miss the quality of British journalism.

(2) The quest for #7 has begun. It seemed a bad omen when the Livestrong bracelet I picked up on the Champs last year, mere hours before Lance cruised into the city, snapped in half at the end of Canada Day. But Armstrong dominated the rivals in the first time trial, and our old friend Tom Boonen has already captured two stages! With the help of some tape, Livestrong is firmly reattached.

(3) Loyalty in the Premiership may be dead, though perhaps there is still hope. Truly a sad state of affairs. Why Steven Gerrard would want to leave Liverpool to join Chelsea or Real is simply beyond me. Has he not learned anything from Michael Owen's departure last year?

(4) Jack Nicklaus looks to be in fine form leading up to St. Andrews. I hope we'll be able to get our hands on some of these fivers.

(5) Just over 24 hours until the decision on London's 2012 bid for the Olympics. Aaronovitch has an excellent article in the Times today with a title that says it all: "If the IOC voters are tired of vibrant London, they must be tired of life". My $15 at 3.25 odds pays about $50 from sportsinteraction. C'mon London!


Blogger MommyCool said...

Yes, Lance Armstrong’s yellow LiveStrong bracelet has become the month’s fashion must. But MommyCool.com is not truly into yellow? How about another bracelet color: pink bracelets signify breast cancer awareness; red-white-and-blue says patriotism; red “courage” bands stand for military families; black-and-white wristlets commemorate the dead; blue and white supports tsunami relief. Of course, I'll probably wear the pink one.

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