Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Importance of Being Optimistic

Last week, conservative Mike Brock posted an insightful message aimed at the CPC and its supporters, urging the adoption of a positive vision. Money quote:
We also need to stop seeming like we hate Canada. We need to stop looking at Canada as something to be conquered, but rather something to be embraced and improved.

I love this country. It is my home. I intend to spend my life here, and by whatever means I can, contribute to the betterment of it. But how can I do that, when so many of my ideological allies are locked in a state of vindictiveness and negativity?
One of the more maddening political "arguments" to rebut is that your candidate or position is "too angry", but such perception counts. Especially where it's legitimately grounded.

Cue the Canada day celebrations - surely, at least, a universal day to celebrate the love of country across the political spectrum? Not for too many Conservatives, sadly. Monte Soldberg seemed to set the groundwork with a shockingly disgruntled post on the passage of same-sex marriage ("the New Canada. You can have it.") and POGG, eh? has a revealing constrast of posts from the Blogging Tories and Progressive Bloggers that captures the various approaches to the day of celebration.

But the "over-the-top" award goes to the Western Standard's Ezra Levant, in an all too typical and ridiculous comment that waxes nostalgic for Dominion day and the old Red Ensign, laughably equating the celebrations in Ottawa to Adscam, of all things:
"Did it not strike anyone sitting in a government-funded, government-orchestrated, government stage-managed, government-themed celebration of government -- flying a Liberal flag -- that they were merely participants in the latest and biggest and annualized sponsorship program? "
Such excessive negativity is a sure fire loser. The Tories would do well to remember that a summer "charm offensive" requires not only a degree of charm, but also an actual sense optimism/hope about the future direction of the nation. A determined happiness.

Harper may have struck a chord in last year's election campaign with the line: "You don't have to be Liberal to be Canadian", but Conservatives must also emember not to mistake hatred of the Liberals with a hatred of Canada. It's their surest path to another electoral defeat.


Blogger James Bow said...

Would you be interested in joining the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians? The invitation is open.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Mike said...


That is really a sad commentary on the unfortuneate state of the CPC. If I remember correctly we still had those celebrations under 9 years of Conservative rule in the 80's and Brian Mulroney was glad to wave the "Liberal Flag".

How soon they forget that those changes to the flag were debated, argued over and mulled for months in a minority parliament before our current design, the compromise, was agreed on.

Like Lester B Pearson had a majority to force it upon Canadians...it wasn't even his preferred design. I sure wish Canadian history was taught better in our schools so silly remarks like this wouldn't resonate with people.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous assparade said...

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Anonymous Scott Tribe said...

Sheesh James.. you trying to steal one of our members? :)

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