Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ludwig Downloads

As part of the BBC's "Beethoveen Experience" series, for a limited time (7 days and counting) Symphonies 6 through 9 are available as free downloads here. The 9th is a monster of a file at 61MB, but patience will be rewarded.

The 9th holds a special place in my heart, having seen it performed masterfully in Glasgow back in 2000. I will never forget the first time I listened to it from beginning to end. Ben Carter - who incidentally is getting hitched in Potsdam tomorrow! - lent me a number of his classical CDs in the infamous summer of '99. At some point, I realized I had never listened to Beethoveen's masterwork in its entirety. In describing the piece, Carter emphasized its progression: how it starts out in confusion (as if the orchestra is still tuning) and works its way over the course of an hour to the "Ode to Joy".

Sounds like a fitting musical backdrop to the consumption of a pint of Long Island Iced Tea [the summer of '99 drink of choice], I remarked casually... and of course, such a perfect plan was just too sweet to ignore. Ode to joy, indeed, and a highly recommended "cultural" way to start a big evening.

Cheers, Carter, and happy nuptials. Yet another one of the boys has fallen off the market. Oh my.


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