Saturday, July 02, 2005

To the Maple Leaf and Back Again

Well, if the turnout and enthusiasm of C-day festivites in London is any indicator, the state of the country remains strong. Canada House provided the complimentary Moosehead - how happy was I that Molson Canadian was not the High Commissioner's beer of choice! - and also a glorious flag that I intend to wave behind Mike Weir at St. Andrews on day two of the Open championship. Marvelous revelry all around: the good cheer and host of refreshingly sexy Canadian ladies proved to be the perfect counterpoint to a morning spent struggling over an examination of Global Comparative Financial Law. The Maple Leaf (or rather Maiden Lane in general) never disappoints on July One. From the inexplicable clowning of 2004 to the sub fusc (with Flames shirt beneath) in 2005 - what a wild and wonderful year it has been.

Woke up dazed and confused this morning with the most bizarre of thoughts - a strange longing to watch this old made-for-tv movie after discussion of the comics. As an experiment on the powers of capitalism, I vowed (hungover) to purchase it online if I could find a copy for sale on the Internet. Verdict? $12.48 including shipping, yet another in the long line of classic acquisitions. Anything you want, you got it.


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