Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Daveberta salutes the Captain

Our hearty salute back across the blogosphere ether to Daveberta, who for reasons unbeknowst to us [must be due to alphabetical order -ed.] has given Ahab's Whale his coveted [well, it is now -ed.] "Blog of the Week" award.

Newcomers can find information on the origin of this blog and its predecessor here or way back to here, and for an explanation of the recent "acquisition" of our Inhabitant of London, Mike McNair, try here.

Daveberta really deserves our thanks for this wonderful portrait of old man Ahab that I have unceremoniously shrunk in size and stolen away, as it's just too classy a portrayal of the Captain. Hopefully I will be forgiven.

These days I have confined myself to the coldest room in Oxford in cramming for exams in just over a week, while England delights in a glorious heatwave. Staring at the computer all day makes for frequent blogging distractions, as may be seen below.

Ahab's other boys are busy working away in London, but we'll see if this call to arms doesn't inspire higher-than-usual output into the weekend. I am still awaiting Tim's long promised profiles of the 2008 presidential candidates, amongst other things.

Back to the sea of the International Court of Justice!


Blogger daveberta said...

No prob, James. You guys sail a good blog!

11:28 PM  

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