Friday, January 14, 2005

Quote of the (Fri)day

... but first a slight explanation of the new blog address/relaunch.

Ahab's Dream began back in September '04 - within the friendly confines of the Marianplatz station Internet cafe. Tim had recently visited me in Munchen and the Presidential race was entering the homestretch. We each shared an enthusiasm for blogging and no shortage of opinion, along with a desire to participate in this media "revolution". Yet we lacked the overarching title, theme, and first-mover initiative to take the plunge. One night after several Hofbrau litres of Ale, I entered blogger under the pseudonym "satirical_rogue" with the Guinness commercial "Surfer" as inspiration, and out of that haze emerged our first crack at a blog.

So consider the past 4 months our trial run. Now having awoken from something of a Christmas slumber, we'll see if we can run through the year without any prolonged Coyne-style absences with a slightly more professional and concerted effort.

I guess we figure that in marking a new commitment for a new year, why not relaunch completely at a new address? And since Ahab's Dream IS the Whale, why not simply give the old concept its proper title? "I don't care who you are, here's to your dream." Simple, true, and I do love a good toast.

And speaking of toasts, here's one for the weekend. Make it a good one:
Here's to the lady dressed in black,
Once she walks by she never looks back,
And when she kisses, oh how sweet,
She makes things stand that never had feet.


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