Monday, June 20, 2005

Pardon The Interruption

Hey MacDuff -- does this idea, for Tucker Carlson's new cable show, sound familiar?

The Situation's main innovation is not an innovation at all, but a ripoff from ESPN's sports-chat show Pardon the Interruption: a list of topics appears down the left-hand side of the screen, to be ticked off one by one as the panelists move through a series of rapid-fire discussions. One recent to-do list looked like this: "Schiavo, Marijuana, Gitmo, Flag Burn, Crusaders, Iran." This, of course, is just what cable news has been sorely needing: a shorter time frame for news analysis! Enough, already, with the in-depth policy debate! The show also contains brief interviews with authors and policymakers and a regular feature called "Op-Ed Op-Ed" in which Carlson takes a bloggerlike tour through a few of the day's newspaper editorials, offering his take on each.


Blogger James MacDuff said...


To let others in on this, Tim and I have talked about how the PTI format would translate well to politics for some time now, provided you could find commentators as sound and entertaining as Kornheiser and Wilbon.

So, an excellent premise. But is Tucker the one to pull this off? Short answer: no. Actually met him at Dean's concession speech after the NH primary, and just as unimpressive in person. Certainly no one laughed harder at Jon Stewart's famous grilling than I.

Nice catch, Cooper. Kept meaning to add Slate to the links, now it's up...

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