Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tradition has its Price Tag

The cost of the Royal Family to Britons, or at least the cost of public spending on their property and travel, has just been published. Seems even the monarchy now considers itself a commodity.
"We believe this represents a value-for-money monarchy," said Alan Reid, the "Keeper of the Privy Purse" who looks after the queen's finances.

"We're not looking to provide the cheapest monarchy. We're looking at one of good value and good quality," he added.

How tedious and petty this intrusive examination must seem to Her Majesty. Although judging by the business-like nature of the comments, could it be that the House of Windsor is actually worried about competition? What an ignorable end that would be, ditched by the British people for a cheaper Wal-monarchy product...


Blogger The Tiger said...

The monarch has reigned at the pleasure of Parliament since 1688. If they were to decide that a presidency was cheaper and better, that'd be it for the House of Windsor.

(Though I would push for having a democratically-elected King or Queen at that point, so as to avoid having to change all the names of things.)

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