Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blogging to Canadians

In a great new addition to the Canadian blogosphere, Ahab kindly welcomes Rick Mercer to the wonderful world of blogging. Anyone familiar with This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Talking to Americans, or his new show, Rick Mercer's Monday Report knows that such a move is long overdue. He has honed the television rant to an artform - no doubt the new site will make for excellent and hilarious reading.

The mischief has begun already in post #3: www.jasonkenney.org has been purchased and redirected to the Marxist Leninist homepage after the Calgary MP mocked Don Boudria in the House for failing to register domain names such as www.donboudria.ca [now co-opted by defendmarriage.ca] after Boudria rose to complain about it. Away we go...

[via Paul Wells, where most people will have gathered this news already]


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