Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"Things Tony Blair Could Do To Get Voted Out..."

... not much, if the recent British polls are to be believed. Looks like the long-rumoured May elections are right on schedule, and we'll have all the electoral coverage right here now that both Ahab authors now reside temporarily on this side of the Atlantic.

Take this classic article from the London Times today as your starting point. The main question: Can the Labour government do no wrong? For now, British voters seem of that opinion. As frustrating as this might prove for those looking for a real fight to emerge (or just enjoy some semblance of accountability with their governance), at least we Canadian bloggers bring an expertise that comes with seeing it all before.

Think Canadian political scene and Liberal government circa 2000: We've got the same daily, bitter public feuding between PM and his popular veteran Finance Minister over the timeing of succession; the same woeful, disillusioned Conservative party whose natural political terrain keeps getting co-opted by the government; the same uninspiring opposition leader; the same third party insurgencies who voters simply don't want to trust with the reins of power and never really consider an option...

Yup, it's like deja vu all over again, except for arguably bigger stakes and with classier political rhetoric. Although the negative advertising has begun with gusto, as Labour has already pulled their notorious "flying pig" ads. Prediction: more absurdity to follow.


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