Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Clinton vs. Trump

The June 7th primaries have arrived, the last super Tuesday until the big one in November.  A bit shocking to consider that it is Hillary, and not the Donald, who in all likelihood will finally wrap up the nomination after California's votes are counted tonight.  Sanders and his campaign have struck a chord that will resonate through and beyond the election this fall, but ultimately he failed to win the votes and delegates necessary.  He didn't do enough to win the nomination.  It is, really, as simple as that.

Yet over the last few weeks, Bernie and his supporters have managed to channel their inner Kasich, insisting that victory remains possible in the face of all rational signs to the contrary.  Kasich dropped out when I least expected him to - just as he had Trump one on one - and I am hoping that Bernie makes the same decision tonight despite his comments otherwise.  The idea that he will go on all the way to the convention trying to sway superdelegates to overturn the results of the primaries is surely no longer a defensible position once all the actual votes have been counted.  To persist is only to assist Trump in the important election ahead.

So, as has been apparent for some time now, it is going to be Clinton vs. Trump.  Once they settle on the debates, I will be marking them in my calendar, not to be missed as entertainment or a live viewing of history for all the world.  Trump is showing signs of melting down in his recent comments about the "Mexican" judge and otherwise, and I look forward to the same continuing.  The more the polls turn against him, the more desperate he is likely to become, and given that he has no incentive whatsoever to hold anything back, the depth of the implosion could be spectacular.  From the VP selections to the conventions and then into the homestretch, it promises to be a most fascinating and unconventional race to watch.

Updates here will continue to be few and far between, at least for the next while.  This Thursday night, I'm off to France for the better part of a month to recreate the magic of Brazil as Coop and I have tickets to 9 Euro 2016 matches.  For good measure, I am throwing in the small matter of a hike around Mont Blanc as well.  Perfect time for a holiday that will treat me ever so well, I have no doubt.  Check back for further musings when we know who will serve on the tickets and for thoughts on the convention, which at least on the Republican side should make for some hilarious viewing. 

And that's about the only prediction I am willing to make.  Have a good rest of the merry month of June, all.  Enjoy wherever you are.