Wednesday, March 02, 2016

[Insert "Super" pun here]

Yesterday was the day - the Presidential Super Bowl.  Except it wasn't really, of course, with so much left to play for.  Clinton's support among minorities helped her blow Sanders out in so many primaries that he faces an impossible task to catch up in the delegate math.  But there is no reason for him to get out at this point, especially given his astonishing fundraising.  I think he has proven a good opponent for Clinton: resisting the urge to get personal to win, making her look moderate for the general by comparison, helping her hone her message as a candidate, and keeping her somewhat in the headlines during the long primary season.

There shouldn't be any issue in uniting the party, and it will be quite interesting to see if the young voters that have been inspired by Sanders to get out and vote will turn up in the general.  Also interested to see what Sanders wants out of this when the race is over - he's clearly not going to be the VP nominee for a host of reasons.  Does he want anything other than to go back to his iconoclastic, independent, ivory tower Senate seat?  Here's hoping he stays in the public eye, if only so that SNL and Larry David can keep going back to that well for more comedic gold.

As for the Republican side, Cruz and Rubio did enough to avoid the Trump blowout that could have ended this race.  Cruz's victory in Texas by a significant margin (and the bonus of Oklahoma and Alaska) now keeps him in the race for awhile, which is a disaster for Rubio.  But how does Cruz stay in the spotlight given the upcoming states?  Which can/will he target?  His path is so difficult, and Rubio is so far behind, that the only anti-Trump option now seems to be if all other candidates combined collect enough delegates to keep Trump from claiming a majority.  Then the fun will really begin.  Too bad the convention is in Cleveland as it might otherwise be tempting to check out!

The path to a contested convention really starts in two weeks, with Kasich in contention in Ohio and Rubio desparately needing the win in Florida.  And that starts tomorrow night with the FoxNews debate in Detroit.  No doubt the campaigns are busy drafting up ever more creative insults to drop, and the tension in the Megyn Kelly v. Donald Trump scenes are sure to be excellent.  A good warm-up to the most important North London Derby in recent memory against the hated Spurs on Saturday morning as well.  Excited - if still quite a bit nervous - to see what the future holds on both fronts...


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