Friday, February 19, 2016

Let's Try This Again...

The vaguaries of fate indeed.  Apparently the flight delay was down to a mechanical issue, and they brought in another plane to take us over at 3AM.  Which promptly suffered its own mechanical issue (who needs emergency lighting?) and led to an outright cancellation announcement around 4AM.  I was asleep at the time, so was quite confused when I woke up in a daze shortly after to see the long queues at customer service.

So much for the first two items on the itinerary then!  But all is not lost, especially compared to others making their rearrangements onward to Bangalore and Cairo.  Free cab vouchers got me back to the city for a much needed early morning nap, an opportunity to pick up dry-cleaning that I had forgotten, and even stand in line to book some family tickets to see James Taylor in May.  Spent the afternoon in a coma with the blinds drawn, changed into the Ramsey jersey and scarf combo, and now back at Stanfield where I sit in hope.

Love travelling internationally wearing the Arsenal colours - random guy initiating some chants as he wanders by toward the gate while I type.  I left the Dartmouth condo at 7:10PM, or 11:10PM GMT.  Estimated commute time direct to Piebury Corner is about 10 hours.  Walking down to the seats in Block 5 in a few hours will feel that extra bit sweeter after this unexpected interruption.  Nothing to do but roll with it.  And COYG!


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