Monday, February 08, 2016

"I Believe That She...."

Something of a live blog, as it is currently 20 after 11AM EST here at the Manchester Community College (great free wifi) and I'm front row for the Clinton family rally that is set to kickoff in 40 minutes.  What a difference in atmosphere from Trump yesterday, from the music to the general optimism and civility.  I will need to take a few days to get back before summing up the thoughts and impressions from yesterday.

Scarier to see it and experience it in person in full colour.  I am looking forward to Hillary and particularly Bill put me back in the right mood.  Looks like the general election is shaping up to be hugely important (no Trump pun intended) and feels all the more real (for lack of a better word) having spent the last few days amidst the cast of characters. Will be good to wish these two well.

One thing I know for sure - running for President is a massive, massive undertaking that is hard to overstate.  There was a bit of a joke about Obama, that his greatest accomplishment before becoming President would be... Winning the Presidential nomination and then the election. It's actually not wrong.  Wish I could have been here in 2008...

The girl beside me is a massive Stoke fan and a guy on stage is leading the "I Believe" US men's national soccer team chant.  Ah, so hilarious.


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