Friday, February 26, 2016

"Gary Gary Gary Gary Anderson..."

Well then.  A few thoughts:

1. Premier League Darts is worth doing.  Well worth doing.  It started with Adrian Lewis checking out on 142, and then finishing a win from 3-5 down on double 1, after Wade missed the same.  Michael Van Gerwin set a record average for television, the Power was brilliant under serious pressure, and the reigning Scottish world champion triumphant.  If you have tickets, let me know, I can give you some advice on how to make the most of it.  Leave it to the darts folks to figure out the best way to sell people four pints at a time and carry them away with plastic...

2. Trump's closing: "The politicians will never get it done.  I will get it done."  So funny, but his message is clarion clear.  His pouting is extraordinary.  "I have dealt with much tougher," he says as soon as he is off the stage.  "The problem with Marco is that he is a choke artist.  He looked like he came out of a swimming pool, he was soaking wet with sweat."

3. It took awhile for the Aberdeen folks to catch on to the Trump hat, but near the end it was pretty fun.  The dress-up is solid, although by far the best atmosphere was on the public bus back to the city centre.  One of these days Scotland will qualify for a major football tournament and that will be an experience worth joining.

4.  So tired.

5.  The Granite City.  Suffering as the self-proclaimed oil capital of the world, although like Newcastle you would never guess it from a night out.  The Grill may be the best Scotch bar in the world, and the Talisker 18 beyond compare.

6.  How will Trump's bullying play out?  Impossible to predict.  I just don't see how you can ride that tactic all the way to the White House, but at least the battle is finally fully engaged.  No real insights, other than to say how funny it is to see the reactions when I pull out my phone and show some photos from New Hampshire.  I expect I'll be dining out on that for awhile.

7.  I should add for posterity that Arsenal lost Tuesday and it was disappointing.  We actually had them on the run, a poorer side without Xavi.  Need to be more cynical and less naive.  Play the kids at Camp Nou and try and win the double so that we can immortalize that Joel Campbell chant.  Realistically that's what I'll need as incentive to return to these shores pre-Euros.  No reason it can't be done.

8.  Ok, enough randomness for this leap month, and then some.  Carry me home.  Still for my money the best video there is.  Oh...  Gary Gary!


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