Sunday, January 15, 2006

Looking Forward

Frank McKenna would be an impressive and accomplished leadership contender for the Liberals. Unfortunately, he may soon find himself offered help by the cast of characters that have proved so ineffective in the PMO of Team Martin (via Tiger and Wells):

Les fidèles organisateurs de Paul Martin (David Herle, Mike Robinson, Brian Guest, Scott Reid, Terry O'Lerry, Tim Murphy, entre autres) entendent tout faire pour s'assurer que la machine qui a permis à M. Martin de déloger Jean Chrétien après 10 ans de lutte fratricide travaillera à faire de Frank McKenna le prochain chef du PLC.

(basic translation - the loyal organizers of Paul Martin intend to do everything in their power to ensure that the machine that permitted Martin to dislodge Chretien will work to make McKenna the next leader)

Ugh. Jokes aside, that cast of characters needs the boot from the top of the Liberal party as much as Martin, given their proven abilities. The new leader must be first and foremost a champion of ideas, not organization. Hopefully, Frank may find a polite way to say thanks, but no thanks to these folks...


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