Friday, January 13, 2006

Let the Craic be Mighty

Get thee to thy Guiness brewery, and tell her, make her paint an inch thick. Make her laugh at that, Hamlet.

Oh, they be smart. But I tell ya. Well, I don't know. There are better stories, that tire me now. Do others understand the ridiculousness of the "craic"? Do others understand the nature of such sad sacrifice? Patsy? Brian? Niall? My olde Irish compats?

Maybe No. But perhaps in Indy, milady might understand the craic. And if so, she also guessed, on her last leg, one of MacDuffs all-time favorite songs (to hear its unplugged version, as the true 1966 bootleg is no longer with me tonight), surely 'tis Like a Rolling Stone.

More before I sleep, Ms. Scheherezade of 1001 nights. The story-teller of midnight. You have seen this yet. I have further sounds that might work for you... yet we must be diligent...


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