Friday, January 13, 2006

Maude Barlow Endorses the Liberals

At least in so many words. How frustrating.

Meanwhile, Paul Wells calls out such NDP so-called supporters: "Paul Martin's only hope now is voters who have never agreed with him about anything."

Count me with Wells. Just as Charles Kennedy blew his magnificent opportunity to advance the Liberal Democrat case versus unpopular Labour and Conservative alternatives last May, New Democrats simply cannot continue to claim moral superiority when they cannot draw votes from 1 of 5 people under these circumstances. Layton's failure to make any sort of real breakthrough, along with Harper's surge in Quebec, could end up being the biggest long-term impact of election 2006.


Blogger Greg said...

I agree. We NDP supporters need to reach out to Liberals and convince them to vote NDP this time. Cowering in fear does nothing. When will Barlow and Hargrove learn that?

9:50 PM  

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