Wednesday, January 11, 2006

white and warm as a rose in the sun...

bar exam complete, and the final questions got a few flippant answers. The challenge at the end was to include a reference to Kevin Keegan, and it was mastered magnificently. Tomorrow will be slow goings, but another hurdle has been leaped.

in honour of that, and the upcoming trip to washington (!) here is a songs. if too many click on it, this so-called "doctor" joe might get upset, but surely we can convince him that technically we are all of the family? And too lazy to download the songs, as easily as we might, for ourselves.

Click on Mario Lanza's "Drink, Drink, Drink" for the mood here in the operatic selections, and on the "oldies" for such timeless classics as "Sunshine on my Shoulders" and "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square". Oh, Gongshow, how I oftenwish I were back on that London Night Bus with the singing professor, and the feeling that all of life were in front of me. Ah well, we do what we can. Good tidings to all. I shall write nary another examination.


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You have been tagged sir. For details see over at my RGL . . .

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