Monday, January 09, 2006

Dulles International

So, just finished up Day 1 of the Bar Exam, more successful than I rightfully deserve thus far. Actually felt nostalgic this early morning during the last minute grand cramming review, as tomorrow is likely the last day for some time (all time?) that I crank out the hypothetical answers.

Into work just to verify that no critical messages have been left over the holidays, only to find the following:

When: Saturday, February 11, 7:00pm
Phone: 902-880-0087

Hockey Night in DC. Let's show support for our Hometown Boy Sidney Crosby!! The Penguins will be in town to take on the Washington Caps..... Bring your Scotian and Canadian flags.... we will be noticed!!! Face painting optional.......Hope you can make it to DC for the weekend. I have free lodging for all, you will just need to book a flight into Dulles International, I have even taken care of the Game Tickets!! Who's In?

Does this sound like an offer I could refuse, even on one of my weaker days? Better yet, the invitor is so tangentially removed as to make the randomness all the greater. I have seen him on all of two great occasions: his October Oktoberfest garage party and his Christmas celebration where the letter carrier emerged as if out of nowhere. A quick conferral with another reckless carouser and we are online booking flights. $469.01 - Friday to Monday. Who cares if I cannot afford it, I have always longed to visit Washington and when opportunity beckons. And considering that plans for Ottawa on election night were in jeopardy anyway, seems all the more reasonable to exchange one capital for the other.

My oh My oh My. Just another Manic Monday.


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