Friday, December 30, 2005

A Holiday Potpourri

1. Christmas at the MacDuffs proved spectacular once again, especially so since my father surprised me and my sisters with the gift of cowbells at our annual Christmas Eve party. Yes, actual cowbells. As per our family's ongoing jokes regarding the infamous Christopher Walken SNL skit. I doubt if I laughed harder at any point all year.

2. One day left in 2005 and still no solid plans for tomorrow night's celebration. I am half tempted to just go buy a bottle of Johnny Blue and drink it slowly while listening to this new CD, maybe watch the Giants clinch the NFC East, and and do some writing. Something tells me that news of a random party, or perhaps a search for random parties, will shatter any such good intentions.

3. On the Canadian electoral front, I find it difficult following the nuances of the campaign this time around. It is frustrating, rooting only for the downfall of those who, in other circumstances, you would rather support. But as the hits just keep on coming, it only emboldens my belief that the clock has run out on these governing Liberals.

4. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse the voting sentiments of the Tiger. If I were the Globe and Mail - in this newfound age of minorities - I would be tempted to editorially endorse one candidate in every riding as opposed to a choice between parties, and let the chips fall. I could see myself voting for all 3 major parties this time out, depending on the local candidates on offer and the dynamics of the race. Since I'm in Halifax, I'll be casting my ballot for Alexa.

5. It is sad, as Andrew Coyne wrote recently, in yet another column on Martin's dismal performance seemingly unchallenged by his supporters. [our best journalist is also the first I've seen to ask the proper questions re: the Income Trust fallout]. I have long thought that Canadian federal politics will not get truly interesting until the Liberals fall from grace. That time may finally be arriving.

6. Not according to loyal Cherniak, though. You really have to credit him for his unflinching tenacity, even as the posts spiral further into surrealism. Today he has outdone even his usual partisanship by stating - get this! - that the announcement of an RCMP criminal investigation into the actions of the Finance Department and PMO is not disastrous news for the Liberals. Far from it. Rather, it may represent "the final leg of a majority". A majority!?!

Oh, the contortions that politics can induce. It is to laugh.


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