Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Boundaries of Reasonable Discourse

So Prime Minister Martin is now proposing to determine the "boundaries of reasonable discourse" for the campaign.

This after repeatedly accusing the Conservatives of being "in bed with the separatists". This after suggesting that Harper's position on same-sex marriage means he has "no business trying to become prime minister of Canada". Heh. Again, I'll just point to the latest from Wells, on another issue: "is there anything he won't say?" And I'll also just throw out there, who comes across as the more confident of the leaders in that article, as we head into the Christmas electoral break?

Let it Bleed applauds the Harper campaign to date as well played, noting especially the latest move in accepting the 1-on-1 debate challenge from Duceppe that Paul "every street corner but this one" Martin cowardly avoids. I have to agree.

All set for a fascinating January.


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