Saturday, December 17, 2005


I cannot seem to find a transcript or Ifilm video of Triumph the Insult Dog in Tempe, but it remains the definitive mocking of this process. His questioning of the spinners following the first Presidential debate of 2004 is art itself, and should be put in a museum as THE contemporary slamming of partisan folly. If the President went out and took a dump on stage, how would you spin it? Glorious.

Speaking of glorious. Shearer just scored in the 66th minute to put Newcastle up 3-1 against West Ham. The announcer: "When he gets the ball in that position, there's never any doubt." There's something about the English accent that raises such a quote to the poetic.

Anyway, back to debate spinning - if I cannot give you Triumph, here, at least, are the other present-day masters: Helms and Colbert from the Daily Show. Click on the Post-Debate Analysis video. Orgasmic triumph, Jon.


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