Thursday, December 15, 2005

Canada's "Fearless" Leader Trundles On

Our Prime Minister trundles on about the country in this election campaign, but to what end? Fortunately, Paul Wells is standing by to point out the absurdities of the Rhetorical Opportunist's seemingly infinite capacity for attacking reality with bombast and cliche. Brilliant writing and reporting, if only the lack of any acknowledgment of these failings from Liberals wasn't so damned depressing.

My constant frustration with Martin is long standing, so I should not be surprised at the latest false shock and bravado over the speech by Ambassador "Williams"[sic]. Another low point in his attempt to run as far away as possible from those grandiose leadership dreams of "Making History".

It is one thing to disagree with the direction taken by the Americans on public policy. It is quite another to actively foster such a poisonous relationship that any input is no longer taken seriously. "I will not be dictated to," he cries. Does he really think anyone elected to Canada's highest office would?

Remember the other Paul Martin:
"The longstanding partnership between our two nations – which is based not
only on commerce, but shared values – has been strained in recent times. For the
benefit of both our countries, we must work to confirm and strengthen it."
This Prime Minister long ago proved that anything goes when it comes to remaining at 24 Sussex. It leaves me always left to wonder - are any of the whopping 92% of Liberals who supported him back in 2003 willing to admit how poorly Martin has lived up to their expectations? Frustrated that their government's cabinet now includes not one, but two failed Tory leadership candidates [not to mention the founder of the Bloc -ed.] Might they ever admit he has failed to live up to expectations? Without placing the blame on the sponsorship scandal?

I don't look for such admissions among Chretienites, whose animus against Mr. Martin springs from other, often more personal motives of being left on the outside. I mean among those who really and truly believed the incoming PM when he so earnestedly boasted that a "time of immense national creativity and progress is at hand", back in November 2003.

Judging by the electoral fever sweeping Libloggers these days, I'm not holding my breath.


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