Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Election Miscellany

1. The Liberal reliance on Stephen Harper as their last best hope to win another mandate continues unabated. Witness the latest attempt by Jason Cherniak to raise the spectre of non-issues like abortion into the mix, even if it means contradicting his very words praising Harper's stand in the Spring. Where have you gone, those Paul Martin "politics of achievement"?

2. On the "Beer and Popcorn" line, I agree with CalgaryGrit and today's article in the Globe that the line is a perfect storm of a gaffe for that whole host of reasons. A visceral image, and easily tied snidely to a host of Conservative themes, especially Liberal mismanagement of money on the gun registry, sponsorship, etc... Hilarious that almost the entirety of Duffy's show on Monday focused on the comment.

3. On child care in general, both major party plans have shamefully obvious flaws, though. Liam has done a fair job attacking the Liberal plan's failure to accomodate rural regions or stay-at-home parents. But does he not realize the obvious problems of a social program that transfers money to the likes of Celine Dion and other extraordinarily rich folk with kids, at the (seeming) expense of those most in need (ie. the working poor)? As Greg Staples notes in the comments at Sinister Thoughts on the NDP plan, why not a simple income disqualifier to free up additional funds for those who cannot afford such care? In this debate, count me in the Orange corner.

4. The overnights have been a source of continous fascination, as they don't seem to yet reflect the effectiveness of the campaigns thus far. The Liberals certainly have failed to impress, waiting as they are only for mistakes on the other sides. At this point, they need to be concerned about peaking too early. lest New Year momentum take the wind from their sails. Though I wonder if we'll start seeing frustration leak into the CPC message, or succumb to the "almost irresistable" temptation to blame the voters.

5. Has there ever been a national English debate in our history held on a Friday night? Who will be watching, or paying attention to the cycle during Saturday morning cartoons and Sunday football? I probably won't even tune in, due to the firm Christmas party. Could they not have gone with a Wednesday-Thursday schedule? We desperately need Elections Canada to take non-partisan, non-media control over debate organization. And let parties who run 308 candidates like the Greens in!


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