Wednesday, November 16, 2005

(more) World Cup Briefing

(1) Well, the Socceroos have done it, dispatching Uruguay in penalty kicks last night (this morning) to qualify for only their 2nd World Cup Appearance. I worried back in September's briefing about the challenge of overcoming South American opposition, but the boys proved mighty in victory.

(2) Congrats also to Trinidad and Tobago on their first-ever qualification. Switzerland looks set to take down Turkey, while Spain's 5-1 lead over Slovakia is sure to hold up. Norway is likely to have a terrible time tonight in Czech against Petr Cech. Will the Norwegian coach's criticism of the team spark a resurgence: "We were too much like ladies in the game at Ullevaal," Age Hareide told NRK public radio, "we tiptoed around on high heels."

(3) Regardless, at the conclusion of the day, the full field will be set. As for England, what a friendly against Argentina! A portent of things to come? We can only hope. God Save Wayne Rooney. He is the difference-maker.


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