Monday, November 14, 2005

Petty Politics, Ad Nauseum

So the stage is set.

I never bought into the sanctity of Martin's pledge for an election following the report, especially after its release was broken in two and made to stretch into February 2006. It will be nice to see a federal election occur on a date not pre-determined to best suit the needs of the incumbent Prime Minister.

That said, prepare for one of the most annoying and inconclusive federal elections in Canadian history. How many times will the Liberals repeat this talking point?:
"A lot will be lost to serve the opposition's demands," Tony Valeri, the Liberal House leader in the Commons, predicted Sunday.

"Families will be interrupted by candidates campaigning on their doorsteps through the Christmas holiday season."

Meanwhile, the opposition will counter by repeating that old Mulroney classic - you had a choice, sir:
"The fall that Mr. Martin says he wants is available to him," Layton said after a two-a-half hour meeting to plot strategy with the other opposition chiefs.

Harper added: "If the government wants to avoid a Christmas election, this will give them the opportunity."

It's your fault. No, it's your fault. No, it's your fault. Grow up and treat the electorate with some respect. I am so tired of hearing what "Canadians want" and about "making Parliament work". How long until we can have an actual honest, grown-up debate on issues and policy solutions? Answer: a while yet.

Hopefully at some point in this campaign, the timing of this election will cease to be its central theme. Until them, petty politics will carry our days, ad nauseam.


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