Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Who is Paul Hackett?

Answer: portent of good things to come for the Democrats.

Another reason why kos remains essential reading: start here and here for background on Tuesday's special election in OH-2, followed by here and here and here for summary, recap, and celebratory look to the future. Also, a true demonstration of the power of the blogosphere in a country where elections happen non-stop. A truly impressive performance, and hopefully a sign of shifting momentum into 2006. In a country so wide, with such numerous elections, it is not difficult to see the potential value of blogs in raising money, attracting free attention/expertise, and gauging what messages work. Contest every seat. Well done.

For the record, it is also another big victory for Democracy (previously Dean) for America. Here's the email I received this morning via the listserve:

Dear James,

Yesterday, one of the reddest regions in America turned a whole lot bluer.

I ran in a special election to serve in the United States House of Representatives from the 2nd District of Ohio. I am a Marine recently returned from Iraq, a husband, a father, an attorney, and a Democrat.

When I won the Democratic primary for this contest, few people believed we had a shot at victory. But DFA put its faith in me -- and went to work organizing on the ground and online. Your support helped build the greatest Democratic get-out-the-vote effort this district has ever known.

While we didn't pull out a victory yesterday -- we came incredibly close. We got 48 percent of the vote. And in those results rests hope for the future.

It had been 15 years since a Democratic candidate for Congress received more than 30 percent of the vote in Ohio's 2nd District and decades since a Democrat held the seat. Your support helped me improve Democratic performance by nearly 20 percent. This is a victory for democracy. And if we can do this in Ohio -- we can do it anywhere.

Join me, and help DFA elect Democrats in Ohio and across the country:

We have the power to win back Congress. Yesterday proved it. And DFA is on the front lines of the fight -- determined, hopeful and fearless.

I believe we can change this country. I believe we can win in every state -- and I know that you do too. Please join me today:

Thank you,
Paul Hackett


Blogger The Tiger said...

The Dems can probably have a good run at winning back the House. The Senate's staying in the GOP column easily, possibly with an increased majority.

4:02 PM  

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