Thursday, July 28, 2005

Because it is not done enough...

I remember reading JBow's blog back when we were first middling with the concept of founding one of our own. At the time, I remember remembering that "Rosemary and Time" was quite the inspired title, if (judging by the author's lack of enthusiasm) it might be heading nowhere fast.

So here we go. The book will be published next year, to surely wide acclaim throughout the blogosphere. It better be good, b/c my friends' kids are going to be swimming in copies.

Well done, Sir, especially given the recent circumstances. As Dave Chappelle might say: "It's a celebration, bitch." Can't wait to read 'er.


Blogger James Bow said...

Many thanks for the kind words! I hope you enjoy it. If you like Doctor Who, you probably should (I hope). I watched too much of it during my youth, and it certainly had an impact on this story...

2:54 AM  
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