Thursday, July 28, 2005

Like a Question Mark

"A hush fell over the crowd. As Nicklaus lined up his birdie putt with help from his son Steve, an occasional male voice punctuated the stillness ("One more time, Jack! You can do it, Jack!") The old golfer bent over the ball the way he always has - like a question mark, his right shoulder lower than his left, his left foot turned out. That's when my eyes got blurry and my chin trembled again.

Suddenly it was very important to me, to all of us, that Nicklaus make his putt, that he end his career with a birdie and a round of par at St. Andrews. He took his putter back, brought it forward, the ball ambled down the slope... and dropped into the hole to one last roar from the crowd.

Jack lifted his putter, some startled seagulls wheeled in flight, and a couple of big tears arrived to anoint my smile." -John Garrity, SI


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