Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wild Libertarian Sex

Okay, so by posting this, I invalidate the usage of "penultimate" in the last post. Well, bollocks, it's just too funny. Ianisms presents "A Trackback". The comments actually raise some valid philosophical points [of course I side with Ian], but the randomness and cheek is to be celebrated. This is the entirety of the post:

You want to meet sometime, and have some wild libertarian sex? I’m an old guy.. but.. my tongue still works well.

This is NOT a proposition for marriage!

Update: I might have fun with this one. You know, projection and all that. Princess Monkey, what do you think? Have any views you’d like to share about sex, or projection, or whatever? :) I’m still so fixated upon you, you know. Can I get your phone number? I know you’re curious. You still visit my blog more often than I change my underwear. Which is AT LEAST once per day.

On a side-yet-somewhat related note, have we joined this Non-Alliance yet, boys? I think Coop and I might adequately compensate for the capital L of our man McNair. And if this possibly specious [a word I love not b/c it has many legal connotations, but b/c I first heard it used by Spock] reasoning means that we would also qualify for Liblogs, well why not? Let's do it. Collage is the greatest of all the arts, after all. And Rachmaninoff is always in my head [prizes to those who spot that reference].

And Cooper - Doggett's on the Southbank tomorrow (Weds.) circa 6PM? Monte Cristos will be provided. Any other Londoners welcome to crash, especially our beautiful Archie comic devotees.


Anonymous Ian Scott said...

Do you believe that this post, along with the subsequent comments, with the participation of the woman in question, got me expelled from the "Life, Liberty, Property" community?

Apparently, it was not the right way to "treat women" or some such thing.

The woman went out and sent an email, cc'd to everyone in the "community," requesting my removal because my posts and comments "disturb" her. And she calls herself a libertarian!

Bizarre. But thanks for linking to it :)

3:45 AM  
Blogger Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey said...

Actually, if Ian had taken no for an answer and dropped it when I asked, I wouldn't have done anything else. It was the third sexual post about me, and that further reading of his blog revealed a history of harassing female bloggers, that provoked the e-mail.

Also, my e-mail did not request his removal, it simply linked to the posts in which he sexually harassed me, and asked the community if this was the sort of person they wanted to associate with and promote. The community owner decided that no, he did not want to associate with such a person, and removed him.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Ian Scott said...

The insane woman comes to visit! Thankfully the boys here at this site will notice that Jacqueline kept returning to my site to post her comments.

It was not the "third sexual" post. We see that Jacqueline lies.

Do you wear stockings, Jacqueline?

4:32 AM  

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