Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Team Martin Assessments

Over at Cherniak on Politics, the man with the magical Truffles recipe has a post calling for a shake-up among Martin advisors that's surpassed 50 comments. Impressive. Kudos also to him for questioning the "powers above", so to speak - though frankly, I am surprised that similar sentiments haven't been more widespread within the party. This team has certainly not proved overwhelming. And as to the sentiment that Martin's loyalty to the team is "honourable" and "could form the basis of an opera"? Ha. Call me the cynic, but I'd say the lack of change is probably more attributable to the now characteristic lack of boldness and political will that we have come to expect. In other words, more suited to farce than opera.

So that's one question for the Prime Minister to consider over the break. Is he also contemplating a reshuffle of Ministers?? Somehow I missed Chantal Hebert's hilarious send-up of Team Martin, cabinet edition. Have you ever seen so many questions marks? I count 22 out of the column's 26 sentences - superb effort [by Chantal, not by the Cabinet]. And yet here we are again, as Harper and Company show no greater signs of life.... unbelievable, really.

If I hyperventilate against the federal Liberals on this blog - as I am obviously prone to do - it probably stems more out of frustration over a seeming lack of calls "demanding better" of the Government within actual Liberal ranks.

It would be encouraging to see more vocal questioning, or even slight scepticism, from within the party. Especially when the leading non-partisan columnist of the day can blister an administration so easily and even the most loyal of partisans begins questioning the effectiveness of the PM's closed circle of advisors.

Or maybe - on Gomery revelations, on Belinda's defection and dive directly into Cabinet, on the unseemly approach of Grewal, on the ethics commissioner, on the failure to remotely address the democratic deficit, on the lack of sustained reaction post-Chaoulli, and on... - maybe all is proceeding satisfactorily? History will be the judge, I suppose.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the summer, and beyond.


Blogger Jason Cherniak said...

MacDuff, I think you'll always be one of those country types who never likes the government. I suspect that because nobody will ever do anything exactly the way that you would do it, you will never be satisfied. :)

11:11 AM  

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